Looking for a reliable solution partner producing with quality assurance?

Togo Plastik,produces plastic industrial parts and machine components which are suitable for your industrial production priorities, meet your quality standards and completely local.

Sustainable Production

We believe in sustainable growth. Therefore, we invest in product improvements, strengthen our customer focus and determine new standards for superiority in our market.

High Quality Standards

We improve our work with establishing partnerships to increase our potential for providing new products with flexible timings and competitive prices in order to keep being relevant on international quality standards.

Human, Envirenment and Values

We focus on human centric solutions and intend to influence the future with our envirenment-friendly approach. We commit to our values which define us.

About Togo Plastik

Our characteristics which make difference in our market and make our company preferable

Togo Plastik prepares your special orders in shortest delivery time, with proper quality and prices.

  • A production facility with 1600 m² closed space in Çukobirlik Industrial Zone
  • High quality standards reached with machine and equipment variety
  • Ability to meet changing and rapidly updated customer demands
  • Trust and perpetual strategic partnership provided in international automotive companies
Togo Plastik Hakkında

Our Service Bases

Get to know our company with our production features and examples of our products.